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Emory Jones And Puma Outlet Team Up On “Betting On Yourself”

Epitomized by his motto of “Betting On Yourself”, Maryland-born entrepreneur Emory Jones has teamed up with Puma to release a collaborative collection centered around three Puma silhouettes. Meant to blur the lines between luxury and comfort, this trifecta of models boasts premium materials and intriguing graphics to portray Jones’ vision of “simple fly”. Starting with the classics, this capsule calls upon the iconic Puma Clyde in a luxe color scheme with Rose Gold detailing and premium metallic lace tips. Fast forward from 1973 to 2018, Jones helped design new versions of the Puma RS-0 and the Puma RS100 with flashes of teal meant to pay homage to the past. Alongside these distinguished sneaker creations, Jones and the German Sportswear brand teamed up on an apparel set that includes multiple tees, a track jacket, and pants. Enjoy a look at the entire collection below and look forward to its release online at select retailers tomorrow, Oct 22nd. ..........Read full article

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  • Best Puma Muse Cut-Out Women's Sneakers Plat Blue-Plat Blue Sale 90% OFF
  • Best Puma Muse Cut-Out Women's Sneakers Plat Blue-Plat Blue Sale 90% OFF

    Description: They are the real deal. I got some from 'LL Bean 2 years ago that were inferior quality but expensive.
    Within I month the seam from rolled leather sole opened up. Within a year they were useless.
    Do not get the cheap copies from L L Bean.
    Unfortunately, they have gone over to cheap inferior imports for most Things.
    These from Amazon are what I had remembered from 20 years ago.
    Bean us NOT what it used to be.
    Date Added:October 21, 2018
    By Tillamook