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Emory Jones And Puma Outlet Team Up On “Betting On Yourself”

Epitomized by his motto of “Betting On Yourself”, Maryland-born entrepreneur Emory Jones has teamed up with Puma to release a collaborative collection centered around three Puma silhouettes. Meant to blur the lines between luxury and comfort, this trifecta of models boasts premium materials and intriguing graphics to portray Jones’ vision of “simple fly”. Starting with the classics, this capsule calls upon the iconic Puma Clyde in a luxe color scheme with Rose Gold detailing and premium metallic lace tips. Fast forward from 1973 to 2018, Jones helped design new versions of the Puma RS-0 and the Puma RS100 with flashes of teal meant to pay homage to the past. Alongside these distinguished sneaker creations, Jones and the German Sportswear brand teamed up on an apparel set that includes multiple tees, a track jacket, and pants. Enjoy a look at the entire collection below and look forward to its release online at select retailers tomorrow, Oct 22nd. ..........Read full article

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  • Best Puma Defy Women's Sneakers Puma White-Puma White Sale 90% OFF
  • Best Puma Defy Women's Sneakers Puma White-Puma White Sale 90% OFF

    Description: I meant to order a size 11.5 2E but accidentally ordered 11 2E. Turns out these fit perfectly. Shoes are light and comfortable. Plenty of toe room. And great for walking and shopping. They're like slippers around the house. They do lack lateral support so they wouldn't be good for tennis, basketball, hiking, etc. But they are good walking shoes for the price.
    Date Added:October 25, 2018
    By David

  • Best Puma IGNITE Limitless Weave Women's Running Shoes Red Dahlia-Whisper White Sale 90% OFF
  • Best Puma IGNITE Limitless Weave Women's Running Shoes Red Dahlia-Whisper White Sale 90% OFF

    Description: I had high hopes for these boots and I am very disappointed. I ordered these because I walk my dog come rain or shine. I realized I needed good boots to walk in the snow. They were great for about three times we went out in the snow, then they started to let in water like a sieve. I came home several times with almost frozen feet. I am at a lost. I honestly don't know how to keep my feet dry and warm. It's not like we live in Alaska. this is maryland snow I'm talking about. The sad part is they are really comfortable to walk in. Also, if there is no snow or rain, they are pretty warm. But why would they named "Winter Boots" if I wasn't going to wear them in the storm. I feel like I threw $200 away. I am now online looking for boots so I remembered to leave a review. Don't know what to do with them. Supposed to have some sort of guarantee. What a joke. Lasted less than a month!
    Date Added:October 21, 2018
    By I. Murphy

  • Best Puma Muse Echo Women's Sneakers Rock Ridge-Puma White Sale 90% OFF
  • Best Puma Muse Echo Women's Sneakers Rock Ridge-Puma White Sale 90% OFF

    Description: Living in Upper Michigan, I definitely know a great pair of snow boots when I wear them, and THESE are truly GREAT! I'm actually from Florida and moved up here two years ago. In that two years, I have owned about 6 pairs of boots, TRYING to find a pair that would actually keep my toes warm! I've tried some of the best names in winter boots and NONE of them have done the job. None, that is, until these! My toes are actually toasty warm, even when I'm out in sub-zero temps for HOURS at a time! I absolutely LOVE these boots! They fit EXACTLY as I expected. Having said that, I ordered a size and a half SMALLER than I normally wear in other shoes, simply based on reviews and comments here on Amazon. They actually fit well enough that I can wear these with one OR TWO pairs of thick winter socks, although I don't anticipate ever NEEDING to wear with two pairs of socks.
    Most boots that claim to keep your feet warm in temps down to -40 degrees F are LYING. The comfort rating on these boots is probably accurate. I've actually worn them in temps down to -35 (with the wind chill) and my feet have NEVER been cold, not even my toes! As I said earlier, it's my toes that usually get cold in all of my other (more expensive) snow boots. If these last even ONE of our brutal winters, I will be THRILLED with them. I will say that I bought a bottle of suede/nubuck protectant to make them "water proof" and it has also done it's job. I've already worn these boots in a couple FEET of snow and NEVER had wet feet or lower legs.
    At the time that I bought these boots, I believe I paid like $33 for them. I've owned other boots that cost well OVER $100 and NEVER been satisfied with them. This is, by FAR, the best $33 I have EVER spent. On ANYTHING.
    Do your feet (and TOES) a favor and BUY these boots! You can't possibly go wrong with these, especially if you live anywhere in the Northern Tier.

    PS- I have not been compensated in ANY way for my HONEST review of these snow boots. If Amazon feels the need to compensate me, it will be GREATLY appreciated, though. ;)
    Date Added:October 23, 2018
    By YooperCoupleInMarquette